RINEX file metadata control

Tutorial for the thin mode checking metadata and header format supported with various station settings.

RINEX file editing

Tutorial demonstrating the edit mode for data filtering, metadata editing, and RINEX compression handling.

RINEX multiple file editing

Tutorial for simultaneously editing batches of RINEX files of multiple stations or sequences of files in time using various user metadata settings.

RINEX file merging/spliting

Tutorial demonstrating RINEX file merging (e.g. hourly to daily), file splicing (e.g. daily to 15-min), converting (e.g. RX2 vs RX3), filtering (e.g. data resampling), and renaming (e.g. short vs long site/file names).

RINEX file data quality control

Tutorial for the QC mode demonstrating results of qualitative, quantitative, and complex controls.

Real-time - example

Tutorial for real-time operations such as data stream settings, quality control, and data archiving.

Real-time - user console

Tutorial showing user console for interactive data container and data decoder browsing.

Real-time - console utilization

Tutorial giving additional tips for user console to support one-time or regular non-interactive browsing.