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Focus on GNSS high-precision solutions

Czech startup developing software, solutions and services using Global Navigation Satellite Systems. Ready to support a variety of applications in a wide range of target accuracies and user domains.

GNSS and

Navigation and positioning are primary applications of GNSS. Precise Point Positioning (PPP) enables autonomous user receiver positioning, thus without observations from nearby reference stations. Hence, the PPP can be used everywhere on the globe without a need of costly infrastructure.

GNSS and
data quality

A huge volume of GNSS observations is regularly collected for various applications when disseminated via streams and files for real-time and post-processing analysis, respectively. Data from reference stations become more valuable when properly controlled and archived.

GNSS and

Due to the refractivity, the GNSS signal is bended and delayed when passing through the neutral atmosphere. This non-dispersive effect reaches tens of meters depending on meteorological parameters along the signal path. Hence, corrections must be applied in precise applications.

GNSS technologies and tools


We provide a collection of tools for GNSS data processing and analysis supporting a variety of applications in scientific, commercial or personal domains. The software is designed to support the best accuracy using the state-of-the-art algorithms, precise products and models in compliance with scientific standards of the International GNSS Service (IGS) and conventions of the International Earth Rotation and Reference System Service (IERS).


We offer a suit of services for selected applications for users from scientific, commercial or personal domains. The software packages are used in the cloud for generating end-user products and solutions. The services support post-processing and real-time solutions for GNSS data dissemination in standard formats for files (RINEX) and streams (NTRIP/RTCM), respectively.


We are ready to propose, design or consult a solution tailored to individual user needs within commercial or scientific domains. Interests may include topics such as troposphere monitoring and modelling, precise positioning, precise corrections, reference stations' monitoring and others.